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The Diary Of A Jedi — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Diary Of A Jedi

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in hiding [Jan. 5th, 2009|01:36 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

[mood |stressedstressed]

its a long time since i updated here, but sufficient to say that Cari, Elcann, Zeb and i are still alive, but between leaving the core systems, being in hiding and finding some pretty strange things out, there has been little time to update here. and i am certain that the Emperors people have been trawling the holonet as well as anywhere else they can think of for word of any surviving Jedi . Of course we cannot give our present location here for that reason - luckily updates to this page are now encrypted through a completely random code that cannot be broken logically, therefore its safe enough to update here.

please bear in mind that names are now changed to protect the people concerned.


we left Coruscant some weeks ago, finally. We had caught up with a contact i have had for several years, in fact if it wasn't for the drunken space pirate that everyone thought was a waste of space, I don't think that we would have ever been able to get off world.


Within days of the attack on the Temple, hours in fact I believe, a list had been released on the holonet detailing the names and where possible images, of the Jedi they believed survived the attack on the Temple and the attacks around the Galaxy. Of course of our little group who escaped, we were all on the list. So were quite a few known "supporters" of the Jedi and those who had aided us in past years. Its the most thorough attempt to destroy not only us, but all influence as well.


We got offworld as our contact was on that list also, and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Luckily with his underworld contacts he was able to purchase a new freighter under an assumed identity. In the meantime we all managed to alter our appearances so that at least to the eyes of any bounty hunters we no longer look the same. That doesn't of course change DNA or anything like that, but even a superficial difference can be of help and despite the dangers of being seen to be involved with the remnants of the Jedi, there are those who are still on our side.


It is very easy to look back on what happened and loose hope - even easier to think of all the friends lost, and in these times where the galaxy is once again ruled by the Sith, to give up, but those of us that survived have to remain true to our path and know that we have to keep going. The Jedi have to survive, somehow.


There is already growing resistance to the new empire. Nothing formally declared, but in the background there are beginnings to form a resitance.


There is something else you should all know. If you remember when I wrote about the trip to Tattooine searching for the Sith Lord, and there was this strange evidence of some strange genetic experiment, more information has come to light that leads me to believe that Anakin was actually created. As a fulfillment to an old Sith prophecy. Anakin, in case anyone is not aware, is alive and now known as Darth Vader. He does not appear as his old self though, he was confronted by ObiWan Kenobi, so I hear, and was injured and now lives inside a life support suit. There are enough pictures of "Lord Vader" on the Holonet for all to see.


Here, in the Outer Rim our group are establishing a hidden Jedi centre, and keeping our heads down, although we are in contact with some resistance groups. This update is simply to let you know that we are still around, although laying low, and there will, i hope, be more news soon.

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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2008|04:25 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

[mood |numbnumb]

I dont even know where to begin with whats been happening. I know this will be at variance as to what news is on the holonet, but this is the real truth of whats happened.

two weeks ago now, word arrived that General Grevious had been killed by Master Kenobi. (and about time too). Everyone expected - well almost everyone - that the Republics armies would stand down and that the Federation was finished, completetly and utterly. A few people believed that the Chancellor was too addicted by now to all his "Emergency Powers", but that was the minority.

So anyway, the shit hit the fan, to use an ancient expression, the same evening the news came. Anakin went off to see  the Chancellor (and in a real mood I have to add, I saw him briefly before) and came back in even a worse state, Cari wanted to ask him something for a research project on an obscure form of engine (and like him or not, he IS a technical expert) and he seemed as if he wasnt doing anything, just leant on the wall, as soon as he spoke he just Force-pushed her aside, straight across the hallway and stormed off. Council Member or no, you dont do that! So I was about to go off and file a complaint to the Council about this. Cari was really upset - startled more than anything, and not hurt - and suddenly then next thing I heard was the Temple was going into an emergency lockdown. I had a brief message on a secure link from Master Windu (well all of us on the sith-lord finding research team recieved it) simply saying the Council knew who the Sith Lord was, and for our litle team to start pulling out as much information as we could on Leiru and the Chancellor. (so my first sarcastic thought, still annoyed at Anakin, was "I bet its Anakin" went out of the window. But that meant that the Sith Lord was either the Chancellor, or someone VERY VERY close to him!). 

So Elcann, Falcarr, Cari and I went off to the lab we have been using as the research room, and started pulling  up those files and cross linking stuff, and making copies of those files, and it was certainly going to be one busy night, Elcann, Cari and I all started massive headaches at the same time, with a massive feeling that SOMETHING was very very wrong. I think as soon as we realised that three of us were getting this at the same time, that something major was going on. 

Then a message came in from Hadror of all people. He was rather drunk by the sound of it, but using my secure channel that he had been told to use only in emergency, and flying somewhere near-ish to the Temple, and wondering what "all the clone guys are doing coming to the Temple-hic-slurred comment I couldnt make out". I didnt tell him anything, I just said "Look Hadror, you should just use this channel for emergencies " reminding him and closed off the comm. 
it was only when someone set the alarms off that we knew something was really wrong, and at the same time a message came through from Master Lartul telling anyone who picked up the message to get out of the temple now, we walked out of that room into the biggest firefight I have ever seen, other than for some of the full on battles. It didnt take a second glance to see that there were thousands - it had to be thousands - of clones literally mowing down anyone they saw. Luckily you remember how as a padawan I had a way of sneaking to the hangal level (I went trhough a time when I was somewhat notorious for skiving off), through some old maintinence shafts that arent used any more, well those came in to be life saving, as it turned out, getting us up past five floors, totally unseen. 

Of course that still meant we had another hell of a fight when we got to the hangar level, and we lost Falcarr. But the rest of us, plus a youngling we picked up on the way, did manage to get away. We are in hiding now, and working out how to get off Coruscant.

Without going into details - theres a lot of things I dont think I'll ever really talk about - we got to the hangar level. The

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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2008|04:43 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

As you probably guessed, the time has flown, and not entirely in a good way with this war... Cari and I have been offworld for most of the time, and have just got back to Coruscant this evening.  But, it looks as if it should be ending, or close to it. General Grevious has been spotted - is it just me or should I be suspicious that the information came from "clone intelligence"? *shrugs*.  - and theres a meeting tomorrow about who should go to capture, or more likely, kill, him. Bearing in mind he is one tough cookie, however evil he is. The meetings taking that long to get all the Council members available at the same time to discuss things. 
I have a nasty feeling though, and more and more evidence in my research pointing that way, that someone (the sith lord probably!) has been orchestrating everything. Both sides of the war. I think everyone with half a brain, will be glad when its stamped out. Though I think investigations, not to mention rebuilding, especially for the poorer planets, will go on for decades. 
I found a funny thing hidden away in the archives. Its very ancient, a type of datacard that isnt even used any more, and hasnt been for thousands of years. We believe the people who made them called them "floppies". Its got such tiny storage - one and a half MEGABYTES? Amazing anyone ever bothered with such a thing. Its from literally thousands of years ago. I am not sure to what workd it relates, it doesnt specify, but it has data on it that once run trhough several decoders, and translations, sent a chill down my spine. It speaks of a Human leader, a president, somewhat like our supreme chancellor in many ways, who led an ancient war to gain power over his world, based upon lies and deceits. His name, according to the decoder was Bush, and from what I can read about him, he seems very sith-like. Even more interesting, although no-one has heard of this Bush, (I wonder why he was named after a form of plant?), the floppy had been left out of its wrapper, quite recently, the dust had been disturbed.
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2008|02:08 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

I apologise again for the lack of updates. 

As I half suspected we would, Cari and I returned to Tattooine again, and were very busy. And when the trail led to one of the local Hutt crime-lords, it got very long winded, and dare I say annoying. We must have spent about a week alone in wrangling with Jabba.... the trail led back to Gardulla, another of the Hutts, who, bizarrely, was killed by Jango Fett, the "model" for the clone troops. And then back further, at which time the trail went cold, those who were originally involved now conveniently dead and no records existed. We found a name, Pi-Lippa, and nothing more, for weeks. 

We did eventually however strike ... if not corusca gems, certainly platinum! A visit by Leiru's father to Enifed_rouy, a small settlement that is off the charts, and not easy to reach, as the only direct route is straight through a Tusken sacred area. And that is where Pi-Lippa had died. At around the same time. The Jawa tribes of the area have strange stories of the time, that they believed a human (or humanoid) sorcerer had been working "unnatural magic" in the area. 

When we arrived, there was an absolute reek of the Dark Side in this place. and we found it eminated from a small shrine on the outskirts of the settlement. One of the settlers was all too happy (for financial considerations) to help us clear the sand away... and we found the broken remains of what could only be some kind of cloning or genetic experimental equipment. 

Thinking of the current preoccupation of the Republic, with cloning, we both felt a definite chill.  The settler told us that three men had come, and set up what was ostensibly a moisture farm, but with activity taking place that was clearly something very strange indeed. The settlers then found they seemed to have slept for a week, and these three men had left, leaving no trace but the remains of this shrine. 

Cari and I are now en-route back to Coruscant with all the information we have been able to find out. I just have a strange feeling we need to uncover this mystery REALLY quickly!

What has been great,as well, is seeing Cari developing so much confidence, and working so hard! :) 
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2007|06:48 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

Apologies for the lack of updates in the past weeks. Cari and I were sent to Tatooine (incidentally Anakins home planet I believe) along with Master Lartul, to meet an informant from the Trade Federation, this was a longer and more involved mission than you might think, since although the original agreement had been to meet the informat in the spaceport of Mos Eisley, he had found that the Hutts also were after the data he was carrying, and  had gone into hiding way out in the desert. We did eventually find him, and recover the discs. The discs turned out to be recordings of communications between the Sith and members of the Federation, which are still being analysed as I type this. Once we had recovered the discs, we found evidence of a visit there from a Sith, from around twenty years ago. Very strange stuff. Several people had enountered him, and no one knew his purpose. 
The likelihood is that in a few weeks we wil be sent back to investigate more. 

Anyway, just a quick look in for now -much more coming soon

heres a holo from Tatooine - Cari meditating. 

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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2007|06:47 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

Cari is now officially my padawan. She has been so stunned at finding that she is not being sent off to the agricultrual corps, that she has been (in once case literally) falling over herself to please. 
Its a formality that regardless of the rank of the teacher, a padawan will address his or her teacher as "master", and I dont like being called that. I am a knight, and doubt I will ever rise to the rank of master, and therefore it just feels.... wrong... 
Yesterday, again relating to the investigations into unmasking Darth Sidious, we had to go to the Senate building to collect a datacard from Senator Vir'lern. It turns out that cari had never been to the actual sentate building before, despide her interest in and aptitude for diplomatic affairs. So, since we had a couple of house available to us, we remained and watched part of the afternoon session. 
It was about how the war is affecting the Vitri system, and cutting off food supplies to the sentient marsupial natives of Tri'qe. Cari was especially fascinated to hear about the traditional rituals that must be observed when making contact the the Triq'i. 
A real problem when in one case the rituals which are required politeness for the Triq'i, were deeply offensive to a Twi'lek diplomat who went to try to arrange alternate imports to the planet! 
Cari and I discussed (on the way back to the Temple) who should give way to whom, or if indeed they should forgo the more elaborate rituals to keep the peace. A truly facsicnating discussion, and I am contactntly amazed my Cari's insights. 

Sabre practice in the afternoon, was far more basic. Cari has a very weak connection to the Force, suprising since her midichlorian count would indicate that it should be much stronger. She compensates for this by practicing certain forms to react specificically in certain ways that she knew teachers would expect from her in the younglings classes. That may have been fine then, but expecting certain methods of attack and trying to pre-empt them in the real world is a sure ticket to disaster. 
But with this war, more and more emphasis is placed on a Jedi's ability to fight, rather than in other more traditional skills of mediation, diplomacy and peacekeeping. As Master Windu pointed out in a seminar two days ago, the Jedi can be warriors when the need arises, but we are not soldiers, although we are expected more and more to take on that role. 
Some, like Cari, will never be soldiers. I am no more than average, in sabre combat. Everyone thinks that because I killed a sith (leiru), that I must be some kind of brilliant swordswoman, and nothing can be further from the truth. That even was either luck (or if you do not believe in luck, like Master Kenobi!) then fate.

I had a message from Dre'lall today to say that our father has given up his political office on Corellia - as a protest against involvement in the war. 

Anakin has been around the temple a lot recently - which I have found suprising. I know that he is on the Jedi Council now, but so many are away with the war, and he is a lover of action. It, or something, is clearly bugging him. He has always been moody, but that seems magnified now. I am actually so glad I work mainly with Elcann, Jorell and Master Lartul.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2007|01:51 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

 So, in the midst of this neverending research into, and trying to uncover who the sith lord actually is, other things have been happening too. 
The war has only been intensifying since the battle on Coruscant, and now the main focus, with the death of Count Dooku, is upon tracking down General Grevious. I cant help thinking that Grevious, himself, is likely to be only a pawn in the hands of someone else, though. He is dangerous in the extreme, but from what reports i have read about him, he lacks the intelligence to be more than a pawn. I digress. 
Here at the Temple, all kinds of things are going on. That many knights and masters have been killed in the war, that there are not enough to train the upcoming padawans. The rule that if someone isnt chosen for training by the age of 13 has been scrapped, and it is only those with a serious lack of aptitude who are being sent to the Agricultrual Corps or suchlike wheras the training continues in groups much longer. Because at the end of the day, if the usual traditions were not suspended, there would be too few training up. 
Theres even talk of some of the senior masters taking on more than one padawan, although this is rumour only at this point. 
So, all the knights have been expected to take on padawans. Most have chosen those slightly older, understandable in these times of action. I held back from it, because at the end of the day, its not that long ago that i was a padawan myself and i was/am not at all sure that i have enough knowledge yet to be able to usefully pass on. 
However that was until I met Cari. 
Cari is twelve, human, and probably a lot more down to earth than I am. Not an especial wizz with Force skills, in fact she was seriously lined up for the Agricultrual Corps. But when it comes to languages (she speaks 9  fluently, and can get by in lots more), and diplomacy, she is second to none. For the past week she was helping our little team of researchers with her knowledge of Zaczik, an almost unknown language of a small area of Kashyyk, when we were researching some early traders who had used the language because it has always been almost unknown. 
Things are currently being formalised, but I have applied to take on Cari as my padawan. 

Meantime, here is a view over an area of the Upper city levels, taken this afternoon..

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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2007|04:42 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi


Suspicious now. Very suspicious. And have made my findings known to the Council, although I think it is being viewed as possibly just another layer of intrigue in the hunt for the Sith. 

Some years ago - quite a few, in fact, when the Federation were blockading Naboo, a holocron was given to in person to Chancellor Palpatine, by someone killed in mysterious circumstances. This might seem in itself an innocent act, were it not for files deleted soon after from this persons computer systems (thank the Force for secret backups). 

The holocron never turned up and was never mentioned again, although I have been able to trace a string of reciepts for its purchase and sale among collectors. 
And yet, according to one security camera recording, there is a record of the Chancellor stating quite clearly that the Holocron had been sent here to the Jedi Temple. Except its not here. 

I hesitate to send an actual enquiry to the Chancellors office - if the Sith sees it, anyone could be in danger, and if I am wong (and I could be) then its going to waste an awful lot of time and resources to investigate. So for now, the facts are with the Jedi Council.

Maybe I am adding 3 and 3 to make 9, but I dont think so. There are too many questions.

- Leiru, a Sith, so close to Palpatine...
- the fact that whoever the main Sith Lord is, he is very close to Palpatine, as shown through large amounts of evidence.
-  this holocron, again, handed to Palpatine, and now missing. 

My gut instincts are that ... well... it would sound almost too incredible. That if the Chancellor is not the Sith Lord himself, which is unlikely, then it has to be one of his Red Guards - has to be someone that close to him that they are able to exert mental influence on him at all times.

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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2007|12:15 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi

Have I found what i think I have found? 
If this is true it could be the most shattering news, but I darent go making accusations without more proof.
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calm in the storm [Sep. 17th, 2007|03:22 pm]
The Diary Of A Jedi


Time has really flown  since my last update! Mainly in research, and teaching and a couple of short offworld trips (nothing on the battle front, for which i am selfishly thankful!), much in the vein of things before this war even started. 
I have been turning up some disturbing stuff though. The Chancellor would seem to have been implicated in the purchase of a Sith artifact, many years ago, and while its a known fact that he collects rare art pieces, in the current climate of suspicion, it seems worrying to say the least. Elcann managed to verify this, though some rather .... unorthodox... contacts she has, and we went to the Council with the report this morning. It was taken calmly almost as if it were of no concern, although Masters Yoda and Windu had a detailed talk with us later about it. Both are convinced that regardless of the death of Leiru, the actual Sith Lord is high within Palpatines circles of aides and officials, and its fairly unanimous that Palpatine is under his influence. 
In other news, Anakin has been elected onto the Council, although he did not become a Master as he was hoping.  he has been hanging around the Archives, especially the restricted areas, a lot in the past week... and he doesnt seem any happier than before either, if anything he has only grown more moody, and grating to be near. I dont think many people are happy with his election. 
i will update next, when there is something to update!

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